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Cloud Backup and Disaster & Recovery

cloud backup and disasterBackup is one of the most fundamental needs of technology.  Anyone who has lost data or suffered server or hardware failure knows that efficient and reliable backup is critical to business continuity. Any system can fail so having options in place that can help guarantee anytime, anywhere access to key information is crucial.  


Cloud Backup Service gives your organization benefits.

  • Safe and Secure Data Storage
  • Accessible Data from Any Location
  • Reduced Hardware Cost
  • Automated Data Backup
  • Maintenance-free Infrastructure


Disaster Recovery

Cloud Backups are designed to give you immediate Disaster Recovery capability.  Coeus’s team of expert engineers can help you set up, configure, and monitor your backup systems.  If your organization needs help in recovering from system failure or other disasters, Coeus will respond with expediency and restore your data and systems effectively.

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